Should I File a Claim with My Own Insurance Company or the Other Driver’s?

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Whose Car Insurance Company Do I File a Claim With?

In general, it’s always more convenient to deal with your own insurance company after a car accident—but there are some specific instances where you’ll probably want (or need) to file a claim directly with the other driver’s insurance company instead.

If you only have liability insurance coverage on your vehicle, your only real option is to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. Similarly, if your accident was relatively minor in terms of damages (i.e., less than the cost of your deductible), it may make financial sense to simply file directly with the other driver’s insurance company. The bad part is that by going at them alone, the claims process can move rather slowly.

In almost every other case, it’s generally in your best interests to file a claim with your own insurance company. It’s part of what you pay them for. Sure you may have to pay a deductible up front, but your vehicle will get fixed quicker—and if the other driver is found to be at-fault, your insurance company will subrogate in order to get your deductible back.

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